Nestled within the heart of Newport Beach, the Chabad Center for Jewish Life stands as a welcoming beacon in our vibrant community, embracing every Jew with warmth, acceptance, and inspiration. Led by Rabbi Reuven Mintz and his wife, Chani Mintz, our mission is to strengthen Jewish family life and foster a genuine sense of belonging for all.

With an open-door policy and a commitment to "Judaism with a Smile," we offer a home away from home, where Jewish traditions, teachings, and culture come to life. Our diverse range of programs caters to the spiritual, educational, and social needs of our community members, making it a dynamic hub for growth and connection.

Experience intellectually stimulating JLI courses, empowering Jewish Woman's Circle (JWC) gatherings, and nurturing Jewish pride through our Chabad Hebrew School. Our welcoming Shabbat Synagogue Services unite everyone in the timeless rituals, while our Orange County Holocaust Education Center stands as a symbol of learning and remembrance, upholding freedom and tolerance.

We cherish the wisdom of our seniors and provide enriching services through our Senior Services program, fostering companionship and well-being. At the Chabad Center for Jewish Life, the essence of our organization remains unchanged - to embrace, nurture, and strengthen Jewish heritage in the heart of Newport Beach, CA.

Together, we create a brighter future, united by the timeless traditions of our Jewish roots.