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  • Dear Friend,

    The holiday of Shavuos is fast approaching and we are still confined to our homes. While we all certainly wish for things to dramatically turn around by time the festival arrives (sunset, May 28, 2020), enabling us to celebrate in each other’s presence, I think prudence demands that we prepare for the possibility of having to do so more in spirit than in person.

    As I pointed out before Passover, the one tradition I think we will all find particularly challenging that way is the recital of Yizkor to honor the memory of our dearly departed loved ones. Recited on the last day of each Biblical holiday (Shabbat, May 30, 2020), there is something uniquely poignant and reverential about paying such tribute within the confines of the sanctuary – with the Torah scrolls bearing witness to our expressions of love, loyalty, gratitude, and continuity. Even those who may not be consistent "synagogue attenders" go out of their way to show up for Yizkor.

    Toward that end, I am once again volunteering to serve as your proxy in offering the Shavuos Yizkor prayer for your loved ones in our Synagogue – while clutching the Torah – on your behalf.

    On Shabbat morning, I will walk to our Chabad Center where I will pray in physical solitude (a quorum of one) in compliance with the social distancing measures in force. Spiritually, however, I will have you and your family very much in mind and heart. 

    When I come to the point in my prayers where Yizkor is typically recited, I will remove a Torah scroll from the ark and hold it in my arms as I recite Yizkor on behalf of the entire congregation, pronouncing the name of each departed loved one you ask me to remember for you. (In concert, I encourage you to utilize that auspicious time on the final day of Shavuos to reflect, in a personal way, upon the memories, teachings and legacies of those I will be mentioning.) 

    Please complete this form with the names of your loved ones and their mother’s names. I will mention them at Yizkor time in our synagogue, as I pray to be worthy of the awesome task with which I will have been entrusted.

    May the souls of our righteous loved ones achieve an aliya (ascendancy) in the heavens above, and may they prevail upon GD to bring this protracted crisis to an end, along with an end to all pain, suffering, anguish, and distress on the part of all his loving and devoted children.

    With love and wishes for a blessed, joyous and healthy Yom Tov for you and yours,

    Rabbi Reuven Mintz

    PS – As it is customary to give Tzedakah in conjunction with Yizkor, your charity at this time will be used to continue helping those most adversely affected by the economic shutdown. An opportunity to fulfill this Mitzvah by clicking here . Please know, however, that a donation is not mandatory for the submission of names as described above.

    Input information about the deceased in this section. For more information about the Yizkor prayer, click here

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  • As it is customary to give Tzedakah in conjunction with Yizkor, your charity at this time will be used to continue helping those most adversely affected by the economic shutdown. However, please note that a donation is not mandatory for the submission of names.

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