Help a Family

Dear Friends,

As Passover approaches I request of you to partner in Chabad's efforts to help those in need.Together we can reach out to the community and bring relief to the suffering, and hope to those in despair.

When we gather around the Seder table with our loved ones to celebrate, let’s not forget about those who are less fortunate: Who will care for them? Who will bring cheer to the sick and elderly? Who will open their doors and hearts to those in financial distress?

To these questions, our reply is clear "Let all who are hungry come and eat with us. Let all who are needy join our Passover Seder". Chabad will provide food, clothing and shelter to the unfortunate. We will lift up the fallen and receive them with warmth and care.

I know you will experience true freedom and joy this Passover knowing that your kindness has touched a needy family.

Please send in your tax-deductible gift today, and may G‑d bless you with a wonderful Passover.


Rabbi Reuven Mintz

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