2012 Course Schedule: 

Fascinating Facts: 
Exploring the Myths and Mysteries of Judaism
Money Matters: 
Jewish Business Ethics
The Art of Marriage
Nov11 Jan12 May12.
Begins Tues, November 8, 2011 Begins Tues, January 24, 2012 Begins Tues, May 1, 2012
Does Judaism believe in guardian angels? Why do Jews use matchmakers? Who wrote the handwriting on the wall? A fun course in Jewish cultural literacy full of surprising facts, myths, and mysteries surrounding Jewish tradition and practice. Is Judaism socialist or capitalist? Who is responsible for preventing poverty? Is unionization a Jewish ideal? 
Must Walmart pay its workers a livable wage? Where would you draw the line? An ethical, Talmudic, and legal debate on the economic issues of our time.
Examine the arenas of love and respect, of intimacy and communication, of fidelity and domestic harmony. 
This new six-week course provides a practical and spiritual guide to making your marriage more fulfilling.